Types of Plastics


Plastic resin type


grade 1  PET

Polyethylene terephthalate
Clear or coloured; bottles have a raised dot on the base.

Soft drinks & edible oil bottles; containers for toiletries, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

grade 2   HDPE

High-density polyethylene
Translucent or opaque, does not crack when bent, slightly waxy.

Rigid containers, crinkly retail bags, milk and juice jugs, margarine tubs, detergent bottles, motor oil containers.

grade 3  PVC

Polyvinyl chloride
Clear, colourless, white creases, bottles have a seam on the base.

Shampoo bottles, mineral water bottles, household chemical containers, window frames.

grade 4  LDPE

Low-density polyethylene
Flexible, smooth, soft to the touch.

Carrier bags, rubbish bags, bubble, stretch, pallet & shrink wrap.

grade 5   PP

Transparent, clear or opaque, smooth, semi-rigid.

Coating on milk cartons, shrink wrap, bottle caps, yoghurt and margarine tubs, labelling.

grade 6   PS 

Stiff but flexible, snaps when bent.

Foam: meat trays, egg cartons, hot drink cups
Crystal: drinks cups, disposable utensils, drinking straws.

grade 7

Mix of plastics

Squeezable ketchup bottles, condiments.

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